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Posts from the ‘On reading’ Category

Paradise as a Kind of Library

Jorge Luis Borges writes in his essay Blindness that he “had always imagined Paradise as a kind of library,” fondly recalling the many trips he took to the library with his father as a child, when he leafed through volumes of the Encyclopedia Brittanica and read whatever he came across.   Read more

Gringa No More

“You speak like a gringa,” my father sometimes joked when I was younger, and I cringed knowing that it was true. I am a Nuoyrican via Ponce on my dad’s side; my mami came to the U.S. from Havana in 1959.  Read more

My Outlander Obsession

I am stunned that Scottish citizens voted against splitting from the United Kingdom earlier this month. Didn’t they see how an English dragoon tortured Jamie Fraser on Outlander? Read more